Non-Profit Volunteer Projects Program

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NPVP – Non-Profit Volunteer Projects Program

First, GAC IIBA® recognizes the desire and importance for BAs to gain real SDLC project experience. This is sometimes not available through the BA’s current position to their level of expectations. Second, we recognize and support the importance of community service. And third, we value the commitment of higher educational institutions in preparing new IT professionals to prepare to enter the workforce. Hence, the NPV Program offers the opportunity to work on a project for a deserving non-profit organization in conjunction with developers from our local universities. Your participation in this project team is limited part-time hours for developing a solution that will go live and ultimately benefit a great cause.

> Initial scope assessment
> Requirements elicitation
> Documentation and artifacts creation
> Approval processes
> Coding and defects reviews
> Implementation observations and overview

NPVP Sponsors provide us with valuable tools and services to help ensure our success and to enjoy the rewards of serving deserving non-profit organizations as well.  Our sincere thank you to our sponsors:

IBM RationalIsland TrainingCloud OneSeilevelCrowne Plaza
You’ll experience measurable results: SDLC project knowledge will be broadened; your network will be expanded; your skills will grow, and your resume will be enhanced. And the satisfaction of serving a needy cause is a reward we cannot measure.   

Our NPVP Program was proud to serve the Vallado Project which ended in the Summer of 2015.  

Developed an online application for international orphanages in low-income areas or third world countries where homeless children have little resources. This new application provides a broad awareness of their needs and new donation management and sponsorship system, introductions to the children of the orphanage through profiles and recorded messages, and audio/video multilingual pen pal system to connect the children with new encouraging relationships, and more. This new application will be replicated for other orphanages.

Please enjoy this message from the children of Casa Vallado.