NPVP 2020

Members of the Greater Atlanta Chapter of IIBA are invited to participate in...

NPVP Topic for 2020:

Creating Policies and Procedures for VP of Finance

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Project Description:

Project Participants will have a 'hands on' opportunity to exercise skills in BABOK knowledge areas such as Elicitation and Collaboration, under the guidance of two senior BAs and Atlanta Chapter leaders (Steve Kraus and Galina Mattson).  The goal of this project is to deliver 'Policies and Procedures for the Finance function of the IIBA Atlanta Chapter', by interviewing the current VP of Finance (Natallie Archer), capturing the policies and procedures, and sharing those documents with the Chapter Board. The new VP of Finance and Board Member Robin Bond will lead the interviewing and creating deliverables.

Presenter Bio:

All four organizers (see above) are Chapter Board members, passionate about Greater Atlanta Chapter members' education and professional growth.

Applicability to BABOK:

Project is aligned with Elicitation and Collaboration section of BABOK

Project Participant Requirements

Participant Availability:

1-2 meetings a week; weekday evenings/weekends Web Ex meetings ,
duration of approximately 1 month

start date in week of April 15, 2020

location - remote

cost - free,

registration requirements - to be complete by April 15th,

access restrictions or instructions -  for Chapter members only


For more information and to register, contact,