2018 BA Boot Camp Presentations

2018 BA Boot Camp -- Saturday August 25, 2018

Below are the available presentations from the 2018 BA Boot Camp presentations.

Opening Keynote:The Business Analyst Success Path: How to create a career you love using the laws of success Laura Brandenburg, Bridging the Gap BA Success Path
Breakout Session 1
Influencing: Panel Discussion – Leveraging your Experience to Drive Career Growth Laura Brandenburg, Joanne Carswell
Finding the Best Job for You by Joanne Carswell
Growth Pains: I thought I understood everything I needed to know about security... Hans Eckman, Eckman Guides
BA: First Line of Defense Against a Security Risk
Tools & Techniques: Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) in Team Environments Brad Hugick, Cox Automotive
Not yet available
Breakout Session 2
Influencing: How Personality Types Affect Relationships and Interactions David Guerreso, Beacon Leaders
Not yet available
Growt Pains: Project Management Kellie Jones, Ultimate Software Governor’s
Not yet available
Tools & Techniques: Design Thinking Teresa Dussault, B2T Training
Not yet available
Breakout Session 3
Influencing: Becoming the 1% - How Your Impact
Can Change Your Organization and the World
Clinton Ages, Coach Clinton
Not yet available
Growth Pains: Data Science/Agile Leadership Joanne Carswell, Cox Automotive
Not yet available
Tools & Techniques: Embracing Business Agility
Hans Eckman, Eckman Guides
Embracing Business Agility