Professional Development Offerings of IIBA_GAC

The IIBA Greater Atlanta Chapter (GAC) was chartered in August, 2005. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to advancing the business analysis profession both locally and nationwide.  Our professional development and networking offerings include:

  • Monthly Chapter Meetings providing members and guests the opportunity to hear from business analysis thought leaders on topics of interest, to network with 60+ local BA practitioners, and to hear about opportunities in the local job market.
  • BA Boot Camp and Job Fair is the IIBA Atlanta chapter’s business analysis development day, providing a full-day mini-conference of professional development and networking activities. BA Boot Camp participants have the opportunity to learn from and interact with local and international business analysis experts. The job fair provides opportunities for attendees to interact with local staffing professionals and hiring companies on hiring trends and BA job opportunities in the local market.
  • BA Mentorship Program (BAMP) pairing local business analysts with senior analysts for practical, day-to-day and career advice and planning, including establishing goals and developing the skills to reach them. 
  • Career Path Planning Program (CPP) in conjunction with our CPP Recruitment Professionals, offers career consultation opportunities and career enhancing workshops to assist in identifying goals, assessing strategies, and improving proficiencies aimed at contributing to evolving your career as a business analyst.
  • Certification Study Groups – the chapter supports independent certification study groups, and provides instructor led groups to assist members to reach their CBAP/CCBA certification goals. Free for members and $10.00 for non members. Complete the registration form and survey.
  • Non-profit Volunteer Projects Program (NPVP) offers new or aspiring analysts the opportunity to work on a project for a deserving non-profit organization.  Participants will increase their practical knowledge and skill, expand their personal networks, and enhance their resumes while contributing to a good cause.  
  • Professional Development Workshops quarterly special training events for attendees to learn from experts in business analysis concepts and techniques in an instructor-led format.
  • Quarterly Executive Forum providing business analysis managers and organizational leaders the opportunity to share good practices, lessons learned, brainstorm issues, and identify ways to help the business analysis practice flourish in their organizations.

Great news! 
In January of 2019 IIBA Greater Atlanta Chapter will begin a new formal round of preparation for the IIBA Certification Examinations. To registration form and survey.
Our plan is to focus on a different area each week.  Study groups will be self-managed,  Groups are encouraged to study one chapter of the BABOK each weak. We will begin the week of January 14 with a general meeting of interested students. At that time, we will suggest teams' members, based upon responses to the survey found at Certification Study Group SURVEY. Be sure to register through the event registration system. A link to the survey is included on the registration page, also.

Our tentative schedule is as follows:

Week       Date                      Topic                                                              Facilitator

1              Week of 1/14           Intro and Key Concepts
2                                            BA Planning and Monitoring
3                                            Elicitation and Collaboration
4                                           Requirements Life Cycle Management
5                                           Strategy Analysis
6                                           Requiremetns Analysis and Design Definition
7                                           Solution Evalutiona
8                                           Underlying Competencies
9                                           Techniques
10                                         Applying for Certifiation                                              Joanne Carswell
11                                         Exam Study Prep 1
12                                         Exam Study Prep2

We are truly pleased and excited to have Joanne Carswell present her recommendation in "Applying for Certification".  Joanne has enviable knowledge of both depth and breadth when it comes to taking the Certification exam.  Her presentations in past years have been a high point in our studies.