Professional Development

Professional Development for Business Analysts through Greater Atlanta Chapter of IIBA® 
The mission of IIBA® is to develop and promote the business analysis profession.  We want to help business analysts like you obtain a higher level of knowledge, advance your skills and provide added value to your everyday work.  We hope you can use these beneficial opportunities to contribute to furthering your career and improving your potential for greater income.  This will also create greater awareness and recognition for the profession and the value that business analysts bring to their role in organizations of all sizes and across a broad range of industries.

To accomplish this, Greater Atlanta Chapter (GAC) IIBA® offers a variety of opportunities for ongoing professional development, skills enhancement, further education, networking and the exchange of ideas. Our Professional Development Programs and Opportunities include:

BA Mentorship Program
GAC IIBA® is proud and excited to offer the BA Mentorship Program (BAMP) to its membership and invites you to participate in this program.  This program is designed to provide enrolled members with guidance and advice on moving your career to the next level.  
Mentoring is the process in which successful individuals go out of their way to help less experienced individuals establish goals and develop the skills to reach them.  Mentoring can help you acquire skills, increase confidence, widen your perspective, avoid mistakes, enhance your career and life, and help you succeed.
Mentorship hours can be used for re-certification credits for Certification of Competency in Business Analysis™ (CCBA®) or Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®)
CPP - Career Path Planning Program
GAC IIBA®, through our Career Path Planning Program (CPP) and in conjunction with our CPP Recruitment Professionals, offers career consultation opportunities and career enhancing workshops to assist in identifying goals, assessing strategies, and improving proficiencies aimed at contributing to evolving your career as a business analyst in a more desirable direction. This program is designed to provide members with opportunities to meet with Recruitment Professionals for guidance and advice on moving your career to the next level.

This program also offers CPP  Skills Workshops that will contrivute to improving or acquiring new skills, increasing your  confidence, broadening your marketability, validating your value proposition to employers and improving your ability to seek higher paying positons. Serveral many of our CPP skills Workshops hours can ve used for CDUs towards your CBAP® or CCBA®  Certifications.

Our BA Boot Camp, an annual eventk is a day linf CPP Program with hours of extensive focus on the hottest topics impacting today's BA's. Stay tuned to the Events listings for event sighn up. 

NVP – Non-Profit Volunteer Projects Program

First, GAC IIBA® recognizes the desire and importance for BAs to gain real SDLC project experience.  This is sometimes not available through the BA’s current position to their level of expectations.  Second, we recognize and support the importance of community service.  And third, we value the commitment of higher educational institutions in preparing new IT professionals preparing to enter the workforce.
Hence, the NPV Program offers the opportunity to work on a project for a deserving non-profit organization in conjunction with developers from our local universities.  Your participation on this project team is limited part time hours for developing a solution that will go live and ultimately benefit a great cause.

> Initial scope assessment
> Requirements elicitation
> Documentation and artifacts creation
> Approval processes
> Coding and defects reviews
> Implementation observation and overview

You'll experience measurable results: project knowledge will be broadened; your network will be expanded; your skills will grow; and your resume will be enhanced. And the satisfaction of serving a needy cause is a reward we cannot mesaure.

See more details on the nonprofit organization our NPVP Program served in 2017.

CCBA/CBAP Study Groups

At International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), we are dedicated to the development and maintenance of standards for the practice of business analysis, and for the certification and recognition of practitioners. We were the first organization to offer formal business analyst certification and have continued to grow programs to support recognition of achievement in business analysis.

Independent Study Groups 
Hurry – form your own study group to prepare for your BABOK Certification Exam before the new BABOK and CBAP Test are introduced. 

> Available to our Members:  Study Guides and Practice Tests for each chapter of the BABOK 
> Prerequisite:  have your own copy of the BABOK (free to IIBA Members)
BABOK Chapters
Chapter 1 - Introduction & Application
Chapter 2 - BA Planning and Monitoring
Chapter 3 - Elicitation
Chapter 4 - Requirements  Management and Communication
Chapter 5 - Enterprise Analysis
Chapter 6 - Requirements Analysis
Chapter 7 - Solution Assessment and Validation
Chapter 8 - Underlying Competencies
Chapter 9 - Techniques

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