COVID-19 Updates

IIBA Atlanta Makes $500 Donation to Atlanta Food Bank
IIBA Atlanta is pleased to announce that our organization has contributed a $500 donation to the Atlanta Food Bank.
"We know that this is a challenging time in our community.  Many families -- including members of our chapter -- are facing tough economic times.  Given our current 'remote meeting' format, our organization has avoided the cost of providing refreshments for our monthly chapter meetings.  The board was unanimous in deciding that some of our savings should go towards helping out the greater Atlanta community.", stated Peter DiAngelo, President of IIBA Atlanta.
"In looking for a partner who could really make a difference in our community, the Atlanta Food Bank was a natural choice.  The Atlanta Food Bank is directly involved in ending hunger and food insecurity in the Atlanta area -- where we want to provide assistance.  And, per Charity Navigator, over 95% of our contribution will go directly towards feeding needy families."
The Atlanta Chapter of the IIBA normally runs an annual training and networking event -- informally known as 'boot camp’ - every year in the August.  However, given the challenges being faced by the Atlanta community regarding Covid-19, the board has decided to delay this year's conference ('Beyond Analysis') from August to January of next year.
"Our chapter is eagerly looking forward to the Beyond Analysis event.  Normally, we'd be targeting August for this annual event, where our members get together with their peers to see each other, increase their network, and sharpen their skills.  However, the Covid-19 crisis has impacted both our ability as a chapter to get together 'in person' for these kinds of large events.  It has also reduced the support available that we normally receive from the Atlanta Business Analysis community -- in terms of both sponsorships and facilities.", said Steve Kraus, VP of Professional Development for the Atlanta IIBA Chapter.
"In considering this event, the board decided that, while a 'remote' conference could work, we still strongly value the opportunity for all of us to get together physically for this event.  We also felt that, with the tough economic times, some folks in our community might not be able to attend as they normally would.  As a result, in order to ensure the success of the Beyond Analysis Conference for our attendees and sponsors, we have decided to move the event from August to early next year."
The date of the conference has not been set.  However, the IIBA Atlanta Chapter hopes to announce a target date and location as the Atlanta community starts to recover from the Covid-19 crisis.