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What your Database Developer Wished you Knew (Helping you help them)

Thursday, December 3, 2020 -
7:00pm to 9:00pm
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Professional Development Workshop:

With any task, how the database is configured can make or break a project. Ensuring that you have the best data types to get the most out of the database, the application is one of the most important things to get right. We'll go over the many different data types and why you would use one over another. 

Next, we'll review the terms "data analysis" and "data cleansing" and what it truly takes to get the data into a usable state. 

Finally, we'll explore some of the different ways to move data into or out of the database thru the means of ETL and what that truly means to a developer and for the business itself. 

About Our Speaker - Kevin Wilkie

Kevin has over 15 years of experience with multiple database systems - from Access to SQL Server to Oracle to Postgres, with several others that most people have never heard of. He has worked as the DBA and ETL Developer over various parts of his career in many different industries. Currently, he works as a Lead Data Analyst spreading the gospel of how great data can be to anyone and everyone who will listen.


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This professional development workshop is an opportunity for you to grow your skills. Not only will you learn technical skills, but it offers the opportunity to improve and build relationships with your development team.
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Kevin Wilkie
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Virtual Meeting (Zoom)
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The Zoom link will be sent to you in a separate email before the meeting begins on Thursday, December 3rd.
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Special Event Career