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Special Event: Design Thinking Toolkit - Part 1

Saturday, May 21, 2022 -
9:00am to 2:30pm

Presentation Topic:

Design Thinking Toolkit - Part 1 

Presentation Description:

Design Thinking is a user-centered methodology and mindset to solve real-world problems and future proof your company to becoming customer obsessed. It's an approach that uses creative thinking.

The kind of experience a customer or user has with a process or application makes all the difference.  We all know that a better experience turns into better adoption, smoother transitions from 'old' to 'new', and improved satisfaction and brand loyalty.  According to Accenture, in 2021 we're on the brink of an 'experience renaissance' where a good customer experience has moved from a differentiator to an expectation.  The reality is that even the least tech-friendly customer is exposed to well-designed experiences on a daily basis, so their expectations have been raised -- they know 'what good looks and feels like', and they expect it from every process they interact with.

As a Business Analyst working on new processes, it is your job to meet these expectations.  In this four hour workshop, you will sharpen your base Customer Experience design skills through a series of hands on exercises focused on giving you the ability to...
    1) Understand and articulate the needs of the business and its customers
    2) Create a vision for how these needs will be met
    3) Create alternative Customer Experience designs that will fulfill that vision
    4) Create basic prototypes of these experiences to clarify and solidify your design
    5) Create a compelling story in which to wrap up your vision, designs and prototypes and 'sell' your ideas to the business and customers

          1) Define the business and user need by creating an effective problem statement
          2) Identify and create a vision forward for your business and valued customers
          3) Utilize empathy maps to understand your users
          4) Ideate by create creating numerous concepts that create opportunities for your users
          5) Understand how to do basic prototyping and why user testing is crucial throughout the process
          6) Framing-up the conversation – learn to tell a better story

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Ray Killebrew
Head of CX Strategic Design, Primerica

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Apex Systems, 1 Concourse Pkwy Suite 620, Atlanta, GA 30328. (This is in the King and Queen complex off of exit 29 on I285.
Ray Kellebrew
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Apex Systems, 1 Concourse Pkwy Suite 620, Atlanta, GA 30328
Event Directions: 
This is in the King and Queen complex off of exit 29 on I-285.
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Special Event
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