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Tuesday, June 25, 2019 - 6:30pm to Friday, June 28, 2019 - 8:30pm
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International Institute for Business Analysis    
Greater Atlanta Chapter
June 25, 2019



Leslie Brooks, CSM

(BDD/Cucumber Expert, Process Transformation Guru, Automated Testing Manager)

Leslie has extensive experience in the areas of software development and software test automation. At General Motors he introduced Specification by Example as a methodology for writing requirements and automating testing; he led the first team in GM IT to deliver automated tests to the developers while they were still coding. He also trained more than 300 Business Analysts, System Architects, Product Owners, and QA testers in this new methodology.


Specification by Example (SBE) is a relatively new methodology for writing requirements; the fundamental precept is that all requirements must include concrete examples - but there are lots of other differences from traditional narrative requirements. When done properly SBE gives the developers a very precise understanding of what they must deliver, much more precise than traditional narrative requirements. The Business Analysts in one IT vertical at General Motors said that SBE absolutely eliminated the constant phone calls, emails, and IMs asking "What does this requirement mean?".

SBE done well makes the developers much more efficient; Vanguard Financial reported that they had reduced defects across all of IT by 40%, and that some development groups had essentially eliminated defects.

SBE done well also makes the QA teams much more efficient; it allows the test automation team to regularly deliver automated tests to the developers while the developers are still writing the code.

However, SBE always begins with the Business Analysts; without them it can't be 'done well'.


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Leslie Brooks presents the view of Specification by Example, (SBE). Specification by example is also known as example-driven development, executable requirements, acceptance test–driven development (A-TDD), Agile Acceptance Testing, or Test-Driven Requirements (TDR).
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Matrix Resources Northpark Town Center Building 400, 1000 Abernathy Road, Sandy Springs, GA 30328 5th Floor
Leslie Brooks, CSM
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Matrix Resources
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Attendees should park in Visitor Parking, check in with Security, and then take the elevator to the 5th floor. The meeting is in the Northpark Conference Center, 5rd floor.
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Chapter Meeting 2019