It’s About Your Career: Skills for a lifetime of loving your work

Saturday, November 16, 2019 -
8:00am to 1:00pm
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It’s About Your Career:  Skills for a lifetime of loving your work


If you are concerned about your professional development this workshop is for you!


We cover two main topics in this workshop:


What’s important to you about your career?  Salary? Security? Self-direction?
Are you defining your career in terms of job descriptions, or things that excite and engage you?
Learn how to identify and fill gaps, and showcase your strengths!


Write a great & readable resume, with tested, validated techniques!
Understand your interviewer.
Use STAR answers for understanding and success!
Learn how to tell your Career Story, creating engagement and connection!

Because your career plan should be revisited from time to time,
every participant will leave the workshop with all the tools necessary
to independently build on the learning from this valuable session!


About the instructor and the course:

Ryland Leyton is an expert educator, coach, lead Business Analyst and trainer, having over 20 years experience in the technology field as a developer, business analyst, and project manager.  Ryland has given talks and courses throughout North America.  Ryland has been instrumental in helping professionals at all levels identify their career goals and learn skills to help them get what they want out of their professional work!

What people have said about this class:   

o   "The most fun I've had learning since grade school!"

o   "Ryland's experience and educational style make this engaging, and the skills I learned were spot-on!"

o   "As a recruiter, I wish more job-seekers walked in the door knowing this material.It makes them easier to help!"

o   "As a late-career job changer, this helped me get focused and start looking for my next position."


Registration:  -- includes

light snack and

take home workbook


Price for Registraion:  $30.00 
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Event Details: 
This morning workshop can get you refocused on your own success. Finding work you enjoy, getting the training you need, choosing which positions to apply for or which offer to take—many people get lost navigating these decisions and end up with a series of jobs rather than a career. Through presentation and team/individual activity, Ryland Leyton will guide your progress
Event Location: 
Matrix Resources 400 Perimeter Center Terrace Suite 300 Atlanta, GA 30346
Ryland Leyton
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Event Directions: 
Matrix Resources is in the 400 Perimeter Center Terrace building; Perimeter Center Terrace intersects with Asford Dunwoody Rd,. N.E. between Perimeter Center & Meadow Lane Rd
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Special Event Career