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IIBA® Greater Atlanta Chapter (GAC)  is proud and excited to offer the BA Mentorship Program to its membership and invites you to participate in this program.  This program is designed to provide enrolled members with guidance and advice on moving your career to the next level. 
Mentoring is the process in which successful individuals go out of their way to help less experienced individuals establish goals and develop the skills to reach them.  Mentoring can help you acquire skills, increase confidence, widen your perspective, avoid mistakes, enhance your career and life, and help you succeed.

Program Details

What It Is

Collaboration between a Sr BA and a Jr BA
Clarification and documenting career goals
Concentrated professional development opportunities
Assessing BA “challenges” in the workplace
Contributing to individual growth for both BAs
 A networking opportunity
 Pursuing additional benefits of membership
What It Is Not 

Not a way to prepare for your certification exam
Not counseling (i.e. family, work performance, personal conflicts)
Not tutoring/teaching
Not a way to get a professional reference
Not counseling in getting a new job
Not a constant “gripe” session
Not a “quick fix” 
For Jr BA / Mentee: Faster career growth
Improve BA skills and growth in BA profession
Improve immediate BA “challenges”
Network with more experienced BAs
Earn CDUs towards certification (to be confirmed)
For Sr BA / Mentor: A way to “give back”
Enhance leadership skills
Gain IIBA Recognition (Certificates & Awards)
Sharpen one’s mentoring skills
Earn CDUs for re-certification
Jr BA / Mentee:GAC IIBA® Chapter member in good standing
Jr BA desiring to grow in BA profession
Jr BA committed to meeting with your mentor regularly over the course of the mentorship term
Jr BA willing and committed to collaborate in the process
Jr BA serving as a Chair or volunteer on an IIBA Committee
Sr BA / Mentor:GAC IIBA® Chapter member in good standing
Sr BA – suggested 10 years experience
Sr BA committed to meeting with your Mentee regularly over the course of the mentorship term
Sr BA willing and committed to share ideas, concepts, knowledge
Prior 1-1 mentoring experience (desirable but not required)
Guidelines Confidentiality
Both BAs complete Enrollment Application
Content/Issues appropriate for dialogues
Topics suitable for projects
Respectful frankness, but not brutal honesty
Jr BA must serve as volunteer on any IIBA Committee
Both BAs complete Assessment at end of mentorship term
How to be successful Mentor’s knowledge and 1-1 skills
Mentee’s motivation and readiness
Clarity of expectations
Mutual commitments to:
 Meet regularly
Select relevant topics
Pursue meaningful activities
How long Mentorship term is 4 months
Meet regularly (once per month minimum) and meet quarterly with all Mentorship Program participants
Mentorship program commences on date agreed to following
Mentor/Mentee meeting and signature in the CPP Goal  Questionnaire
Commitment Needed  Regular communication and documentation of activities
Prepare and strive to achieve goals/objectives of mentor relationship  

Prepare mentor/mentee agreement to include:

Agreed upon commitment
Agreed upon support
Time commitments (i.e. one hour per month)


Program Application

  Business Analysis Mentorship Registration Form