The Apprentice Initiative

The Apprentice Initiative

The Apprentice Initiative is part of the BA Mentorship Program, or BAMP.apprentice1.png
The Business Analyst Mentorship Program (BAMP) was conceived and implemented by the Greater Atlanta Chapter (GAC) of the IIBA. 
The program pairs a Novice BA (the Mentee) with a Senior BA (the Mentor) for a four month period of one-to-one meetings. 

The purpose of the program is to deliver information, coaching, and Career Guidance to the Mentee using the CPP (Career path Planning) Methodology. 

The Apprentice Initiative allows a BAMP Mentee (the “Apprentice BA”) to accompany an experienced, practicing BA (the “Master BA”), at the Master BA’s place of business, for at least one Business Day.  The Apprentice Initiative opportunity is offered to each Mentee in a BAMP Session.

The Master BA:
The Master BA is an experienced practicing BA employed with any firm in the Atlanta area.  The Master BA may or may not be a member of Greater Atlanta Chapter of the IIBA, and they may or may not be a BAMP Mentor.
The Process:
GAC Program directors query BAMP Mentees as to participation.
GAC Program directors pair Apprentice BA’s with Master BA’s, and dispatch Pairing Email.
Apprentice BA reaches out to Master BA to arrange date/time of visit.
Master BA dispatches email Request for Approval to their manager.
Master BA forwards manager’s Approval Email to GAC Program directors.
Visit may proceed.

Sponsoring Companies:
A company may sponsor the Apprentice Initiative by simply allowing one or more of their BA’s to be Master BA’s in the initiative.  Any well-experienced BA employed by the company is a potential Master BA.  A company may also encourage their BA’s to participate.
The Apprentice Initiative runs for a two-month period twice per annum, to coincide with the middle two months of each BAMP Session.
BAMP Spring Session:  Feb, Mar, Apr, May.  Apprentice Initiative: Mar, Apr
BAMP Fall Session:  Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct.  Apprentice Initiative: Aug, Sep
The time constraint will prevent fatigue and disenchantment on the part of the Master BA’s or the Sponsoring Company.  For that same purpose, a Master BA may entertain no more than two Apprentice Visits in a calendar year.
Mentees of each BAMP Session will be invited to participate.